Working in a garbage collected language is simultaneously great and also extremely frustrating, especially when trying to minimise the garbage collection impact caused by returning temporary Vector2 structures 10000+ times per frame which must then be garbage collected. Though this is a stress test and probably would never encounter using such numbers of boids in an actual application/game.


I’ve been working with bgfx for a few weeks now and is awesomely flexible however there are some candidates for improvement;

Support binding Texture Arrays to texture units to minimize draw calls

Remove the thread local render queues and provide these as objects which would allow draw lists to be constructed from within jobs/cached (Good for large static UIs) and all that goodness. Before submission to the render API just merge and sort these into a single master list to remove redundant state changes.

Expose Geometry shaders for more advanced uses beyond instancing.

Expose UBOs to set blocks of shader parameters rather than individual parameters.


rabi-goat-princess said: Hello~ Just wanted to say hi to a fellow trans woman programmer~ your url is really cool btw! hope you're having a lovely day.

Hey there, thanks for the message. What sort of programming do you do?